Alexander Wall
"...wonderfully pleasant sound with a wide range of notes and dynamics and sings with great accuracy"

Alexander Wall - Tenor

Welcome to the website of Alexander Wall - Tenor.

Firstly thank you for taking the time to visit the site and to find out more about me, it is greatly appreciated. The site was launched at the end of 2011 and like all sites it will evolve and I look forward to adding more content to it over the coming months. Today, you will find some core information aboout me, past and upcoming performances, news updates, some reviews and the opportuntiy to listen or watch a sample of some of my work.

I have performances coming up, some of which you can book tickets to directly from this website, and I do hope that many of you will come along to these performances.

You can review my repertoire for both Opera and Concert work, and there is a contact form on the site if you wish to get in touch with me, whether it concerns a future booking or simply to touch base.


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